On Monday...

Five million World War II British aerial reconnaissance photographs will be put online. This is probably the largest archive of its type, anyway, at least with public access, and covers all aspects of the war. It's quite amazing.
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Right now..

.. it's colder here in New England than it is on Mars.

Temperature at 1 p.m., Jan. 14

Location              Temp. (Fahrenheit)

Gusev crater, Mars         12
Providence, R.I.            9
Scranton Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  8
Hartford, Conn.             7
Buffalo, N.Y.               7
Rochester, N.Y.             3
Ithaca, N.Y.                3
Albany, N.Y.               -2
Binghamton, N.Y.           -2
Concord, N.H.              -3
Syracuse, N.Y.             -4
Burlington, Vt.           -10
Montpelier, Vt.           -12
Caribou, Maine            -13
Mount Washington, N.H.    -36
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Rather than useful entries, here's a quiz!

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I present to you, Tokyo Illusions, a muck created by the gaybos exiled from Phoenix. This isn't a new place, and by all appearances it seems currently near-kaput... but I was reminded of it today, and noticed I never made any commentary. Now... my use of the term 'gaybo' might seem a bit harsh, but keep in mind the kind of asshattery that would make one get banned from Phoenix, and you'll see I'm being kind. Don't believe me? Check out their own webpage, specifically the 'character creation' and 'Muck plot' sections.

To quote Dfordon, who gets more Lileks-esque with every passing day...

Curator says, "The whole thing is just...dumb. Too call it poorly designed is to insult the concept of design. To call it misogynistic is to ascribe a level of sentience to the author that he clearly does not possess. This isn't symptomatic of misogyny, which at least clearly indicates a viewpoint, however wrongheaded and silly that viewpoint may be. This is a surgical removal of That Which Interferes With My Obsession, regardless of rhyme or reason. It's less about hating women, and more about refusing to consider them as anything other than an inconvenience. If misogyny is a crutch, these guys are operating with the philosophical equivalent of a full-body cast."